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Since 2009, Lac Le trading and technology science Corporation (laClé Corp.) has focused on the development of personal care products according to technology specification of YVERY - France, under the brand name of laCle.

In Vietnam, laClé is the first company to apply instant foaming technology on personal care products. With the principle is maintaining the natural balance, all products of laClé are carefully produced in order to fulfill this principle: Not only kill harmful bacteria but laClé's products can also balance natural oil and water level of human skin in the best way.

Our products


laCle – Cleansing mousse: Specially made from cosmetic formula, this instant cleansing mosse helps remove dirt and harmful bacteria resides on your skind while its active olive oil gently moistures and softens your hands.


laCle kids – Cleansing mousse for kids: Especially made from cosmetic formula, this unique product actively removes all germs while its active Olive Oil and Aloe Vera cares for your baby’s soft skin.


Ladysofts – Feminine intimate cleansing mousse: This special made product helps cleans while maintains natural pH balance. Active Olive Oil combines with vitamine E helps moisturize and brings you comfort all day long.


Lesgo – Mouthwash for kids:


With the ability of reducing the growth of bacteria, maintaining helpful pH in the mouth, Lesgo helps to prevent cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and stump bleeding. The sweet of Xylitol and no-alcohol formular help Lesgo to have the suitable taste to takecare young tooth of kids.


laCle’s experienced researchers and engineers are committed to provide the best personal care products for your family.