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Lesgo – Mouthwash for kids 





150ml bottle


Ingredients: Xylitol, natri laurul sulfate, Poloxamer, Natri citrate, Glycerin, flavors, color and water.




-          Reduce the harmful growth of bacteria, espcially during the night, in the mouth and prevent cavities, stump bleeding, gingivitis and tooth loss.

-          Maintain helpful pH in the mouth to protect enamel and prevent tooth decay.

-          Clean food stains especiall at places where toothbrush can’t reach.

-          Give fresh breath




For kids to rinse their mouth before bed, after meals, especially after eating candies; and after brushing.


Pour 5ml of Lesgo (1 cap-full), rinse in 30 seconds and spit out. Water rinse not necessary.


Expired date: 03 years after manufatured date printed on package.